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Ludwig Vistalite Snare Drums and Drum Sets - Vistalite Drum History

Welcome to The Vistalite Drum Experts!

If you are on the hunt for a special set of Vistalite drums or you are researching your Ludwig Vistalite drums then we are here to help. We have owned and played Vistalite drums and know a lot about their history.

If you think you have purchased a set of copy or fake vistalites then please contact us. We have documented the history of fake vistalites and what to look for. Prior to contacting us have a clean crisp photo of the badge on the drum in question.

We will also be adding a Vistalite Price Guide and a color section on the different options that were available during the drums productions.

If you are here deciding on one of the new Ludwig Vistalite Drum sets then please ask any questions you have.

Thanks for visiting Vistalite Drums and keep checking back for more history and interesting facts about vistalite drums.

- The Vistalite Drum Experts



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