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Ludwig Vistalite Snare Drums and Drum Sets - Vistalite Drum History

Vistalite Ludwig Drums

We created some of our special searches on eBay for individual Ludwig Vistalite Drums, vintage drum sets and new Ludwig Vistalite drum sets. eBay is a great place to find parts and misc drums and hardware.

Contact us if you need any help finding vintage drum sets.


Vistalite Drums on eBay:



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Vistalite Drums is a web site for the history and documentation of Ludwig Vistalite Drums. Vistalite Drum history and Vistalite Drum catalogs will be online in our articles section. If you have a Vistalite drum set or snare drum and researching when it was made and how much it is worth. Then Vistalite Drums is here to help. Please ask us any Vistalite Drum questions you might have. Vistalite Drum Sets, Vistalite Snare Drums in a variety of patters. Fixing vistalite shells and cleaning vistalite shells.

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